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With the integration of the different stakeholders responsible for seamless healthcare service delivery and an intelligent engine for prescription, consultation, pharmacy, and clinical recommendations, Idea Clinics has also evolved in terms of continuous health monitoring, reducing leakages and increased per patient revenue from a business standpoint while staying affordable and accessible for all patients alike.

Idea Clinics puts the patients & doctors at the heart of all things. With optimized functionalities and processes, we enable quality healthcare delivery to patients. A streamlined support system ensures smooth functioning of the technology round the clock. With intelligent medical record tracking, diagnosis and prescription, our technology also contributes to patient stickiness through holistic digitization of the end-to-end healthcare delivery process thus driving better outcomes with respect to preventive healthcare.

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Dr Shyam Kalavalapalli

Director & Founder

Prof. Dr. Rakesh Sahay

Vice President

Dr Bhavani Kalavalapalli

Managing Director

Joydeep Rakshit

Business Head

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